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Meet Tracy. 

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“Prior to joining Level 2 Cycling, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I was looking at 5 different types of medications. As of today, one year after joining Level 2 Cycling, I’ve lost 100 pounds and am no longer even considered diabetic. My numbers are normal, and I’m a completely different person... It took a few weeks to see a change in my fitness, but each time I rode, my endurance got better and better.

The instructors at Level 2 treat you like you are the most important person in the room. From the very beginning, I felt like I belonged on that bike. Every person, no matter what fitness level, is greeted, welcomed, cheered on, encouraged, strengthened and pushed to be better than they were when they entered. I love that! My favorite thing about it is the team feeling. We are all riding in this journey together, getting fit and staying healthy.

ANYONE can get their [!*#s] on that bike! Anyone can change their lifestyle. Start somewhere. Start anywhere, but start. Make a commitment, and slowly add more. Don’t throw all your junk food out and eat only lettuce. Start by cutting something out and adding exercise. Eventually you’ll be able to remove more bad choices and add in good ones. Exercise is key! You need it; your body, your mind and yes, your need it.  

I’m a different person than who I was before I walked into Level 2 Cycling. I’m healthier than I have ever been in my life. I’m fit. I’m active. I’m a rider. Thank you!"

It’s the best cardio and calorie workout I’ve done in years. Lost 25 lbs and counting. It also has become a family activity with my wife and daughter joining me.   -Wes

This place is awesome. The instructor is welcoming and motivating, and the class was challenging. You won't be disappointed. -Kristen

I am addicted! I can't wait for my next class! See you tomorrow! –Samantha

Really encourages you to push yourself, but makes it very clear that it is YOUR workout and nobody else's, so you can go as easy or as hard as you like. -Bethany

Don't be intimidated -just go. This is a GREAT workout and the instructor does a fabulous job! -Betsy

Level 2 Cycling is really the place where body changes take place. I'm shouting out to those that desire to adjust your waist size and move your body weight. There is no judgment, and lots of motivation with awesome prices! –Hayward

I LOVE these classes, and [the Instructor] is awesome! –Jocelyn

I have never taken a spin class prior to Level 2 cycling. I have to admit, I was never overly fond of group workouts. I decided that since I could go once and pay for one visit, I could try it. I have not stopped going since that first visit! Love it!  -Trudy

Great class! The bikes are nice. The instructor did a great job. The music was awesome. The class was full. Lots of sweat! Highly recommended. -Angela

I can see why this is addictive. As much as it challenged me mentally and physically....I can't wait to go back! –Lainie

Loved my first class today! I was nervous about getting back on the bike after a disc issue, but [the Instructor] made it so fun. -Tara

No Tracy, thank you!

She’s Level 2 Cycling’s Rider of the Year - 2017 and a total rock star. 

Here’s her story, in her own words...