Reservations are not required for any class.  If you would like to make one, however, thus ensuring your spot in the class, you are welcome.

You have until 2 hours before any class begins to cancel a reservation without being charged for the class.

If you reserve for a class and late cancel or no show, depending on your membership type, you may be charged for the class.

  • Clients who purchase single classes or packages of classes are charged for late cancels and no shows.
  • Clients with counted memberships (i.e., 10 classes/month) are charged for late cancels and no shows. 
  • Clients with unlimited memberships are not charged for no shows or late cancels unless there is a wait list for the class. In this case, the fee is $10. 

The obvious questions are:

“How do I know if there is a wait list for a class?”

There is no way to know. If you regularly reserve and do not show up, you run a small risk of incurring a fee, but since wait lists are rare, the fee would be rare.

“Why do unlimited members get to reserve with no penalty and I don’t?”

This is a perk of being an unlimited member. 

Have questions about this? Call us.