Newbie's Ride - Check back to see when the next free newbie's ride is
If you've always wanted to try a cycling class, but were a little nervous, come and  try it out at the Newbie's Ride.

This beginner's class starts on the bike with a 30-minutes of cycling class. Afterwards, we will move the floor and have another 15 minutes of abs and core work.  This is a perfect class for beginners to get a taste for what Level 2 Cycling is all about.

Special Events & Philanthropy

Holiday Steal

As we head toward the holiday season, don't worry about contracts or auto-pays with your gym membership. Stay ahead of the holiday curves for the next 2 months! Choose between 2 classes/week for just $160 or unlimited for just $200 and enjoy strength and cycling classes for 2 full months. One payment, one time, with no contracts. Just.Pure.Fitness.

Whether your goal is to alleviate stress, build camaraderie or promote good health, Level 2 Cycling is all about a gathering. We are happy to create customized classes for sports teams, corporate groups, churches, and the like.

Have an idea for an event? Great! How can we help?

Need an idea for an event, call us. We can help.

Level 2 Cycling would not exist if not for the support and generosity of several people within the Chapin community and beyond. With deep gratitude, we humbly pay it forward in their honor by way of charity rides, "Spin"-a-thons and class-package donations. Please call, email or drop by and let us know how we can help you help others. Hallelujah, namaste, and Amen.

For more information on customized classes or philanthropy, call the studio or email

Level 2 Cycling is grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in events that helped the following:

The (Jack) Enright family                                                                           Little Mountain Elementary's 4th Grade class  

Our Lady of the Lake church's youth group                                         The Rhoad Festival

The Hewitt Foundation                                                                             The District 5 Foundation (Flood Victims)

Chapin Elementary Parent Teacher Organization                               The District 5 Foundation for Educational  Excellence

Chapin Parent Teacher's Organization                                                  Chapin Junior Women's Club 

Newberry Academy                                                                                  Carolina Sunshine For Children

Chapin High School's Coach Sullivan                                                     The Auld Family                                                    

Alzheimers Association