New to L2C? Here's what you need to know about cycling classes:


Need a job? We're looking for certified barre, indoor cycling and strength training instructors with current CPR certification. Email us and tell us about yourself. 

Hint: We love BIG personalities, a love of fitness, eclectic music collections, and a willingness to adapt (read: do it it our way sometimes.) Tell us why you rock.

​​For safety reasons, riders must be at least 5' tall and weigh at least 90 pounds.

Children under 16 must have a parent sign a waiver on their behalf.

Children under 13 must have a parent with them during class.

​​When in doubt, be early.  

Please be in the studio 15 minutes before the start of class. This will give the Instructor a chance to assist you with bike set up, show you how you how to adjust the all-important resistance, use the brake and more.


What to wear
Tight or fitted “long-ish” shorts or pants that prevent bunching and a lightweight shirt.


Our bikes take SPD clips. If you don’t have cycling shoes, just wear sneakers with heavy-ish soles. (With love and respect to Converse®, please leave your Chuck Taylors at home.)


What you need
Water. Even those who don’t typically drink water during cardiovascular exercise often want it during Spinning®. For your convenience, we sell it at the studio for $2. You’re also welcome to fill up your own water bottle at the studio.


If you have very sensitive ears, you may want to bring earplugs, as classes at Level 2 Cycling are music-driven. Forgot them? Just ask the front desk for a pair.


We supply great music, energetic instructors and all the encouragement you can handle.


Other items
We don’t have many rules, but we do have a few. Embracing these suavities will ensure that everyone has a great ride.


  • All classes start on time, and late entry is not allowed for safety reasons. Please be in room 4 minutes prior to start time or your bike will be forfeited to any wait-listed riders.
  • Treat everyone (fellow L2C riders and staff) kindly. Even if you fake it, it’s good practice for more authentic days.
  • Pay attention to the "how to" directions given in the beginning of class. There will be a quiz.
  • There is a synergy that comes when the collective rides as one. If you're certain you're going to have your own ride your own way—and it happens; we truly understand— please do it towards the back of the room.
  • Please refrain from talking once class has begun, as it is a distraction to other riders.
  • No cell phone usage during class. Not for a text message. Not even for Shazam.
  • People who workout daily must have clean clothes daily. [Insert subtext here.]
  • Please refrain from wearing strong colognes or perfumes. Not everyone likes patchoulie.
  •  L2C is a judgement-free zone. 
  • Please work at your own pace. It’s not a competition. (In fact, we carry each other through the hard parts.)
  • Activities that are fun tend to be repeated, so let go of your goals and enjoy the process. Trust us on this one.


Reservations are not required for any class. You can just walk in the studio, and there may be room for you. But there also may not. It’s a gamble. If you’d prefer to make a reservation and guarantee your spot in a class, you can do so via Mindbody or by calling/texting the studio. Before you do, here’s what you need to know.

Some classes incur a fee if you late cancel or no show for a reservation. Others do not.

Priority Classes, those marked with a "P" and a number on the schedule (Ex: CYCLING 6am P9) incur a fee if you no show or late cancel a reservation. 

If you do reserve for these classes, your reservation can be canceled without penalty up until the number of hours indicated by the number next to the P before the scheduled start time. For example, if a class is listed on the schedule as "8:30am P2" that means that you up until 2 hours before 8:30am to cancel your reservation without penalty. In this case, that would be 6:30am. 

No-shows and those who cancel inside of the allotted time window will be charged either the price of the class, or, for unlimited usage clients, $10. This policy exists to ensure that everyone has access to classes when spots are available.
So if you’re unsure whether you can attend a class, and the class in question is a Priority Class, we recommend that you don’t reserve until you are sure you can attend (which may very well be when you’re getting in your car to head to the studio.)

L2C reserves the right to cancel any class with low enrollment (i.e. only 1 person reserved.)

You can check to see if a class is canceled by looking at the MindBody L2C schedule or the Mindbody app. ​
If you are (the one person) reserved for a class that gets canceled due to low enrollment, we will text message, call or email you.

So while no one is required to reserve, you benefit by reserving because (1) you are guaranteeing your spot in the popular time slots and (2) counting your self "in" for the less popular ones, and thus keeping class from being canceled due to low enrollment.
No-shows and late cancelers are not penalized for classes that are not specifically marked as Priority Classes.

Have questions about this? Call us.