We love hosting. We are striving to bring together a community that enjoys a healthy lifestyle, great music and a good time. Suggestions, ideas and comments that might help us to achieve that are always welcomed at info@level2cycling.com.

First time trying a cycling class?

Please be 15 minutes early to the studio.

Level 2 Cycling, Chapin's premiere, boutique indoor cycling studio offers cycling and strength training classes to give clients a  well-rounded workout.

Cycling offers a fun, uplifting, as-intense-as-you-want-to-make-it, 45-minute, cardiovascular party on Spinning® brand stationary bikes. Set in a dimly lit studio complete with Bose surround sound, an L2C Instructor will engage you on a music-driven journey that promises to elevate your heart rate and your spirits while burning fat, calories, and maybe even a bit of mental baggage.

Strength training utilizes light weights and high reps to build and define long, lean, dense muscles.

Together, these classes come together to help clients attain the highest level of overall wellness.

Reservations are not required for any class. However, if you reserve and cancel inside of a 2-hour window of the class start time, you will be charged for the class. Please see our Mindbody schedule for the most up to date schedule information.

L2C studio offers 


  • Spinning® Pro + Bikes    

  • Bose surround sound system    

  • Small towel service available for a fee 

  • Free wifi         

  • Cell phone charging station              ​  

  • Bottled water available for purchase